Friday, April 3, 2015

30 weeks

we weren't planning on having anymore ultrasounds but the "big" 20 week one. When the babe looked like this

but some important measurements were missing, so we said yes to one more.
and I'm actually glad we did! 
For the first time out of all three kids, we got to have a 3D ultrasound. So now baby 3.0 looks like this

It made us 10x more excited for June to get here. 
Jake & Owen were some pretty proud big brothers there! They pointed out the eyes, nose and mouth, but "baby can't come out till it's warm!!" 
;) that's exactly right.

Baby stats
•baby is measuring a week behind in weight 
•weighing in at three pounds 
•lots of hair!! makes all this heartburn worth it 

Now on to a little eve of Easter eve. The boys were so good when we were out & about today, we decided to bust out the egg coloring tonight. 

 If you know my boys, this picture describes them to a T :) 

I wish I could bottle up Owen's excitement stage. It makes me feel like the world's greatest mom. Just like at Christmas, Owen was almost in happy tears while coloring these eggs. He hugs and kisses Derek & I and shouts "thanks mom! Thanks dad! I likeee it!!!" 
I can't wait to see him at Disney, he'll cry (happy tears) for sure!

Happy Easter!!

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