Saturday, October 4, 2014

happy birthday baby Liza

remember those other crafts we've been working on that I said I couldn't share?
well a certain little girl had her first birthday this week, so I can finally share this one :) 

I still can't get over that this little girl, who made me an aunt, is one. 
talk about fastest year of my life!
anddd in a week-ish I'll be an aunt x2 :) 
I like October, a lot.

I picked up Owen from school on Wednesday & these little gems were in his book bag 

Let's just talk about how my kid actually smiled! We bought the lowest package, expecting..well this

and here the little turd surprised us :) 
I love that little turd. 

happy weekend!!

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Lani Ludwig said...

Wow!!! Two blogs in one week. I love it!!!