Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life happens

my parents came up this past Saturday for the pumpkin festival held in the next little town over. While there, my momma informed me it's been 4 weeks, a month! since I've written on this little ol' blog of mine.
Welp here's my excuses :) 

Tractor & I (and the hubs & little guys) were at the fair for a week tending to cow duties. We got a fancy ribbon too :)

Ending that week, was our big guys 4th birthday!

we went to the stump town festival on Owen's birthday with Pappy. The food was so good & it's a festival based on steam engines, we all enjoyed it!

Owen got pretty sick
but he was a champ! 

He also started school! 
the first day was pretty rough, but now he practically runs in.
He loves his teacher & even has a girlfriend ;)

playing in the corn field at the farm 

Celebrating papap's birthday with a cookout and bonfire!  

We went to the "spooky" store with my momma & found Halloween costumes + her and Owen set off every creepy thing in there! 

my sweet man turned another year older!
He spent the day before in a 8am to 8pm ccw class that apparently "was a ton of fun" and "I'm the best wifey ever"

He was milking at the farm on his bday so we snuck over with some yummy  cupcakes!

went to the pumpkin festival with our niece :) 

we've been getting a little crafty in the Cain house. Several projects are done but I can only share this one for now :) 

All that plus some outings with our friends, spending time with my mother in-law & making sure our "new" outside pet is fed and doesn't come in our house. 

It's only appropriate that I've named him Binx :) if you don't get the reference, get some Hocus Pocus in your life NOW!

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