Tuesday, July 8, 2014

hello July!

does anyone else think this summer is just flying by? I mean Owen starts school in 55 days! 
we have definitely been busy this summer, but it's a fun busy. This week seems to be the most & it's only Tuesday. We had our first night of vacation bible school last night. Owen had fun..let's just say Derek & I are taking turns staying home with Jake the rest of the week. 

He is just a bit of a handful at times. Besides it will be nice now the boys get individual mommy & daddy time :) 

later this week we have company coming in and that means it's time for the Cain family reunion! Derek requested my lemon cupcakes, so sometime between now & Saturday I have to whip a batch of those up.

Two weekends ago, we were at the zoo with my parents. It was so hot out but the boys never complained once..in fact this is how they were all day:

Last weekend, we went to our first fireworks & met up with some friends. The boys had way too much fun! 

we went to a party on Friday where I made this super amazing & super easy fruit pizza. thank you Pinterest :) 

Saturday we spent some time at the barn. My father in-law took the little boys out to bale hay, Derek helped put hay bales away, so you know what that means..I had a free moment to myself!
well kinda 

sometimes Tractor likes to see how hard I can pull her. Stubborn thing I tell yah.

Jake was so excited, we got him new poop boots (as we call them) he wore them around the house, while they were non poopy, for the first couple of days. definitely taking after his big brother :) 

Later that night we caught our 2nd round of fireworks. The boys were kind of over it already. They made a few new friends though & were so ready for bed by the end of the night!

Here's to hopping we make it through this week because next week starts a whole new kind of "busy" fun ;) 

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