Wednesday, June 25, 2014

summer time

we are in full swing summer mode & the boys are loving it! 

They both would live outside if we'd let them. I'm pretty sure every night is the same struggle of getting them to go inside. 

Their new favorite thing is playing with our neighbor girl. Forget the pool, Owen drives his dune buggy over there & picks her up! such a Cain boy ;) 

when the boys aren't begging to go over & play with her, here's how we've been spending our free time 
we love the swing at about 4:00 to watch for daddy to come home 

making ice cream was a little harder than we thought 

rides in their new wagon

something about staying in hotels makes the boys extra excited! 

wagon ride always leads to this "park" 

lots and lots of messes

ice cream with aunt B at our favorite spot 

training this little girl for the fair...Owen named her tractor :) 

walks with baby brother<3

and most importantly..
passing out every night!! 


Amber Nicole Blog said...

Oh my gosh, they just get cuter by the day!

raisealittlecain said...

:) thank you!! I think your little munchkins are the cutest!