Monday, April 14, 2014

the past couple weeks

celebrating mommy's birthday at grandma & pappaws :)

hubby surprised me coming home early from work with flowers anddd he brought my favorite pie! he's the best 

play dough after dinner 

jake wanted to be like bubby 

then this happened
& just like that he's 90% potty trained!! now to just work on night time 

first day of 70 degree weather! 

Liza bear came & surprised us<3

cave man

aunt B and uncle Mo came to see the boys andddd to cut down a tree&goshopping&haveabonfire... :)
the neighbor's horses finally came to see us! 

my aunt's cake & my cupcake for our first cook/bake off! clearrrrrly I won ;) 

I can never resist new chalk! Derek had the boys outside so I quickly changed my chalkboard 

On Friday, we took Owen to preschool screening! I think he's going to love it

Saturday we grilled out for lunch & had my mother in-law over. then my momma stopped on her way to my grandmas. with a few Easter goodies :) 

Hunter's 4th birthday party :)

only in belmont county do old men on scooters drive in the middle of the road...

helping me clean out the flower beds

We finally made it up to the farm since the weather is getting better! 
the boys definitely ran all of their engery out. they were both in bed by 8:00 and didn't make a peep till 8:30 this morning.

Ready for this last "snow day" to come & go so we can get back outside & plant our gardens!

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