Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a little Easter post

I was so excited for Easter this year. The boys are old enough to understand & participate in an egg hunt, or so I thought...
apparently baby bear wasn't quite sure what to do. But he found out there was candy in most of the eggs so he soon caught on. It was mostly find an egg, stop & eat, drop the empty egg in the basket, repeat.

needless to say, Owen got most of the eggs. next year baby bear, next year is your year.

After our little egg hunt & the boys finally found their baskets, we headed to the farm to see baby Liza &everyone else :) the boys and I picked out a few things for her first Easter & let me tell you, God really did make me a mom of boys on purpose or else we'd be wayyyyy in debt!

my little boys are just as much in love with her as I am. every day Owen tells me a story about her & it just makes me all mushy inside. a typical story goes something like this
O- "baby Liza milkin the cows at the barn"
M- "ohh she is?"
O- "yeah baby cows"
M- "shes milking the baby cows?"
O- "yes. in the wagon"
M- "in the tractor wagon?"
O- "with unkie tractor and (aunt) KT"
M- "they are all milking the baby cows?"
O- "yes at the farm"
After the babies told pappy bye (he was heading to the barn), we all went over to our house for Easter dinner #2.  My mother in-law brought over some stuff to grill out & we stuffed our faces for the second time. I was so exhausted, you know that feeling after thanksgiving dinner? I didn't want to do a dang thing which included taking pictures.
We really had a great Easter day though and I'm already counting down the days till memorial day weekend when my best friends are coming to "raise a little cain" with us ;)

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