Friday, February 28, 2014

smell ya later

yupp I gave up the old f-book for lent & I'm kind of really looking forward to it. Although this will post to facebook (fancy syncing stuff :] ) I pinky promise I won't log on until Easter or maybe even a few days later. It will be nice to semi-disconnect from the world..I will still have Instagram because let's face it, I'm a little obsessed with pictures.
Sooo with that being said here is my photo dump from the past month :) 

starting to have a 2nd little baker :)

probably one of my favorite pictures at the moment. I just can't believe how quickly the last 3 1/2 years have gone. Owen starts preschool in August! 

showing off their valentine cards 
Derek & I keep it pretty low key..balloons for the boys, cookies for us :) 

pretend sleep much giggling 

jello and whip cream

new chalk board! can't wait to do a summer one that I've been dying to do:)

morning with Liza bear <3

duck face for the win

we made it to Kalahari with aunt KT, unkie tractor & baby liza! (what the boys call them) 
such a long week he fell asleep mid-snack :) 

waiting for Owen to get out of timeout

I may or may not of started a new habit ;) 

Owen's 2nd allergy test. we finally got answers!
and yes we do know our son has a hairy back, no need to tell us:)

started to work out two days ago. Not necessarily to lose weight, but to tone up. 

Both boys are napping, which means I better get a few things done!

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