Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Owen's birth story

I realized I've never written down or blogged about the boys' birth stories. These are more for myself to come back to in later years, but feel free to enjoy them too.

September 6, 2010
I went to bed with Braxton hicks just like I had been for the past few nights. By this time I was so tired of being pregnant I tried everything to induce labor!
walking multiple times a day up huge hills! (We lived at the bottom, only way out was up!)
hot/spicy food
castor oil
eating pineapple
the dirty deed
..yes, you name it i tried it!

I believe the next day was a Wednesday. Derek was at his new job in Cambridge, which is 45 mins away mind you. I woke up shortly after he left not feeling so well. My stomach hurt & food just didn't sound appetizing. I decided to sleep a little longer and woke up around 9:30 with some pretty bad cramps. Or so I thought.
I texted Derek telling him I wasn't feeling so great & he told me to let him know if it got worse. Not even 5 minutes went by & I was up on all fours trying to get rid of the pain. is this seriously time? 
I called Derek and told him to rush home! 
45 minutes home
45 mins to the hospital
I was mostly calm, making sure we had everything packed, grabbing things for Derek to snack on. He on the other hand...lets just say he wasn't so calm. The drive took forever, every bump hurt & the contractions were getting closer. I was still in good spirits though and was getting excited to meet our little boy. 
We finally got to the hospital. I insisted I could walk in but took a few steps and told Derek I lied. We got a wheel chair and he raced me inside up to the 3rd floor. 
The nurses hooked iv's and monitors up and checked to see how far along I was 7cm.
get this girl an epidural quick!
Around this time my parents showed up. It was a long 2 hour drive I'm sure.
All I can remember saying to them, as I just got my epidural, was
"My legs feel like they're floating!"
Needless to say, I was feeling a lot better. Soon it was time to start pushing. 
Just Derek, the nurse and I. 
That's all I wanted. No other family & definitely no students.
I can remember talking and laughing with our nurse in between pushes. She really was a sweet heart. 
Finally my doctor came in. I gave 3 pushes and our little Owen Tyler was born at 5:18pm. 
I cried, oh did I cry. 
I'd never experienced anything quite like the love for your first child.
We were both on cloud 9.
Tired, but very happy.

The next few days at the hospital are all a blur now. We had a lot of family & friends come to visit. I couldn't wait to go home though...or rather to the store to get the chocolate milk I had been craving.
Friday, Owen & I were clear to be discharged. We had everything packed to go. Derek made a few trips to the car and picked Owen & I up at the door with the nurse who helped us. Then we were heading home to start our new family of three, chocolate milk & all ;)

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