Thursday, November 7, 2013

october shenanigans

We've been in our new house for a little over a month now!
....and we still have stuff in boxes.
things are coming together though. the toy room is all set up, minus some paint & pictures on the wall. our master walk in closet is done! I couldn't wait to hang up our clothes, it was driving me nuts. now I get to finish the rest of our room & I'm a tad bit excited to do so :) 
I started on the kitchen last night with this:
all I have to say is it was the best idea ever! 
Owen tested it out for me today :) he loves it as much as I do & I'm sure Jake will too. 
& yes I have rules, so no my kids will not be coloring on my other walls. 
I am very confident in saying my kids are learning to be little gentlemen. 

the rest of the kitchen is still white but that will hopefully change soon! I have some plans in the making. 
slowly, but surely, we are turning this house into our home :)

now onto the photo dump of the past month-ish? 
I cut down my first tree! thanks for those chainsaw lessons brother ;)

some of the Cain boys and I went to an Applebutter festival<3

I can't get enough of Jake's new hat!

mommy locked her keys in the car and we got stuck in Target 

He didn't like the feeling lol

jake wasn't too sure either 

Derek is soooo good at carving pumpkins...

our niece's baby shower

date night!!

to Sesame Street live. Both boys loved it!!

trick or treat crew

best friends!

momma hen<3

I think his friends wore him out! 

new fascination is smashing his face on the toy room door :P


amber.m said...

I'm really impressed by the ohio state pumpkin.

raisealittlecain said...

Thanks!! That one is mine :)