Thursday, October 17, 2013

a better update of the last few weeks

the last weekend in September is probably one of my favorite times of the year but only because of the Barnesville pumpkin festival. its a small festival but I love it!
on that Wednesday before, my sister & I took Owen up to watch the pumpkin weigh ins and to get ice cream of course

on Saturday we went back with my sister, brother & father in-law andddd my bestie came down<3
on Friday we just went up for dinner & Owen found a ride he wanted to go on. we didn't bring much cash so we told him on Saturday we would ride it. So Saturday came and he was way too excited! I was a bit nervous because it was a "big boy" ride. He had only been on one ride before & it was a baby ride with cars that went in a circle. So i wasnt sure how he was going to react.
I was surprised though, he absolutly LOVED it!!
the whole time we were on it he was shouting
"weeee this is funny"
it really made my day that something so simple like a ride was the coolest thing in the world to him.
I definitly scored major cool mom points for taking him ;)

we had some tickets left over so Jake got to ride his first ride with pappy, daddy & brother.

Sunday we went back to the festival (we lived two blocks away, what did you expect) with my mother in-law. we headed down to a part of the festival we hadn't been to yet & discovered a little train ride. 

Gammy also got Owen a train shirt & Jake a wooden tractor, which he is just now obsessed with :)

on october 2nd (the day my niece was born & the day we got the keys to our new house) we headed to the farm and rode around on the tractors & played with the baby cows.

then my brother had to skidaddle and it was baby time :)
my MIL and I had a hell of a trip to the hospital! haha definitly one of the funniest times i've had with her!! we made it though & stayed till like 2:00 in the morning gushing over the newest Cain baby<3

the next day i took the boys over to see our new house for the first time & to pick out their rooms.

needless to say, they loved it!

After Derek got home we headed back to the hospital so he could meet our new niece.

In between all of the fun, we have been moving into our new house, building a walk in closet in our master bedroom & trying to unpack

this past weekend, the eight of us (derek, myself, our boys, my FIL, brother, sister & baby liza) all headed to Carrolton to go to the Algonquin festival.
google it, right now!
its one of my favorite festivals. I didn't take many pictures, but it sure did wear out a few of the boys :)

this week has been a long one!
derek milked a couple of days for Devin & then worked on our closet some more.
the little boys & i have been trying to unpack, but somehow we just end up playing instead.

here's to hoping this weekend is a productive one!!

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