Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wicked, new car & you guessed it, no packing

All I have to say is Wicked was awesome! We didn't even take any pictures there because 
1) we were running super late from the car dealership place to get there
2) you're kinda sorta not allowed to take pictures in there. 

But we went & had fun & were super hungry!!
We did have plans to go get sushi before the show and get there early..but this kept us from dinner.

My new bigger mommy ride!
They basically gave us a deal we couldn't turn down, even though we were leaning towards getting a Traverse. 
But I'm happy with this ride :) I feel like I can crush other cars, which makes this scared to drive mommy feel a lot better! 
This is a plus too!
Derek says I can't get lost now..which I argue with not knowing how to use this :)

We've also been building towers & not know the usual.

The dog found the stupid garden bed
I'm still salty about this!! He's lucky I really love him! 

I've gotten really close to my brother in-law and love it! I know my real brother is thankful for him :) 

Playing behind the curtains is the new big thing! Their giggles make my heart melt. 

Also playing in clothes baskets are pretty fun too!

We went to the gay pride festival where this guy
was hitting on my hubby!
I told him he could bring him home I wasn't complaining ;) 

Although none of us (Derek, myself and Evan) are gay, yes we still went. Yes we had a great time. And I speak for myself on this: I fully support gay people. 
so that's that. 

After the festival we went to the casino to end our adult night out. 
Derek is lucky at the slots where ever we go! He won this on a penny machine. 
I only think its because I'm his good luck charm ;) 

Off to the farm this weekend for a wedding. then a lot of packing for the next 2 weeks!!!! 

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