Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What we've been up too...

It's definitely getting stressful around here. All this moving stuff drives me nuts. Plus we have a couple other things we now have to worry about.
Oh and we have an extra 2 weeks here in Columbus..but that might soon change. See what I mean? stressful stuff. We don't even have an exact moving date. 
But moving right along...we've been trying to keep the boys busy in between (read: instead of) packing :)

my mom & I took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese. Owen loved it!

I took all 3 of my boys swimming at the best public pool!! 

besides the water being freezing cold, you couldn't beat the $12 it took for all four of us to get in. The place was huge!!

My parents surprised us with tickets to go see Wicked!!! I think they will miss us a teeny tiny bit ;)

We had a few rough days + a funeral for 4 pairs of panties, 1 bra and 1 OSU hat. 

we made forts instead of packing.

and watched our neighbor lady mow her yard.

We got ice cream 

and took the puppy on lots of walks.

We took Derek's truck (Penelope) on her first road trip back to the country.

We went swimming with some friends & family

and had our first accident scared with this hammock.
which lead to a huge goose egg (it was 10x the size from this pic) 2 half black eyes and a swollen bloody nose.

swimming for the 3rd time!

We took all the daddy's out for brunch!

Owen learned how to drive :)

and played on some tractors.


"Is hot?" -Owen

Some of Derek's cousins stopped by & showed Owen some cool Lego apps. He now wants an iPad!

Our house went in contract with only being on the market 6 days!! :)

Not pictured is the lovely surprise my 2 year old left on our steps today. 
"Mommy poop!" 
I did take a picture to send to hubby but I'll spare you the gross image! 

Finishing up my rough, blah & stupid day with some much needed gelato and snuggling!

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amber.m said...

The matching cow bums!! Oh my gosh!!