Friday, April 26, 2013

friday shmiday

It's the little things like this that mean the most!

This week seemed half better than normal weeks. There was way less of this:
And more of this:
That makes for one happy mama!!

I really have a case of the mommy mushy brain today. I can't even remember what all we did this week.
I know one day we spent can choose what day you like :)
 Jake isn't too sure about grass still. Its mostly just the feeling on his little piggy's. Hopefully he gets over that soon because he is definitely not a shoe boy!
(as oppose to Owen who wears shoes 24/7
I did snap this little gem though!
love those baby toes.
Thursday I took Owen to sign up for preschool!
He was so excited to go to school even though he didn't do anything. I just filled out papers.
The night before, he was hitting Derek & I said
"Owen you're not allowed to go to preschool if you hit. They don't allow that"
That pouty lip came out so fast and some "saw-eys dada"
I'm just hoping we can get this whole potty training thing down come August so he can go. I know he wants to go so bad & I'm ready for some back to school shopping and field trips!
Someone else is a little softie though :)
So we will see how his potty training progresses by August.
On Thursday I also had a date.
nope not with Derek.
with this handsome man & his brother!
they took me out for ice cream.
Jake was all about my chocolate ice cream cone. He couldn't get enough.
I'm just hoping he doesn't react to chocolate like Owen does.
It use to be puking now its the runs central! We just have to watch how much our little man eats.
Oh my package came on one of those days too!
 I'm so glad I'm making the switch to cloth diapers.
They are so easy its crazy!!!
I wish I would of looked into them when Owen was born.
Any who...I got the cow print diapers because I knew they would be a hit in this house & they sent me the black one for free. I also go two bags to store dirty diapers in until its time to wash.

We were going to hit up the zoo today...hubs is on his way home now!
Unfortunately they close at 5:00 today. (& it takes us about 45-50 mins to get there)
Really who does that!
So off to the park it is.


Sarah said...

They are both so adorable!

I hope potty training goes well for you. It's still far away for us, but I'm not looking forward to it.

raisealittlecain said...

Thank you!!!

I hope it gets better! It's a tad bit stressful :/ it will all be worth it though.