Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lazy weekend

You'll be happy to know that the weekend really was good to me!

Friday was like any other day..full of pee, poop, bottles & fruit snacks.

Saturday my mother in-law came to visit for the day & brought a ton of goodies for the munchkins! I think Owen is set on snacks for the next 6 months :)
She also brought this:

I am so excited for this!! I've been looking at workbooks for awhile. We started "school" last night & he loved it!

Saturday was also semi-nice out. Owen and Charlie played outside & we all took a walk.

This night also marks Jake's first spend the nighter! We dropped him off at my parents so we could get some sleep! He's back to waking up three times, two of which to eat. Hopefully this is just because he's going through a growth spurt & teething.

On Sunday, Derek had private practice till 2:00! I was really ready to go get my baby by then. The afternoon & night consisted of a Target run, pizza and relaxing.

I'm ready for it to be Friday again!!!

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