Thursday, February 28, 2013

fire fighters & trains

Today was such a long but fun day!
I had been looking online for a fun place for the boys & I to go to and came across A Hands-on Adventure (Aha)
All I have to say is the 45 minute drive & money spent was well worth it!!

Seriously, the little fire fighter coats, helmets & boots were way too cute!! And Owen insisted that Jake wear a helmet too. I love how he tries to include his little brother in everything.

future American idol
I really wish AHA was closer so we could go more often. They had a grocery store, vet, dress up/stage, arts & crafts, trains, blocks, a bank, sand, a water section & a few other areas. I think the favorite was the grocery store & the trains!

After we finally bribed Owen enough to leave for lunch at 1:30, we headed to the mall and found this:

He has a new love for trains so we spent a good amount of time standing here looking for a train. And it just so happens a "train conductor" was walking by and told us the train would be there soon!

Owen was so excited. We didn't have enough cash to ride the train but he sure did like looking at it.
Well this momma is beyond exhausted. I'm not even sure if this post makes sense but I'm heading to bed at 9:00 :)



Jasmine said...

You were so close to where we live. I live about half an hour away from AHA. It looks like you guys had a great time. Me and Justin are going to visit there in the spring.

Ashley said...

That looked like so much fun!!! :)

Micah Cain said...

Really?! I wish I would of known earlier we could of met up!! I'm sure we will go back soon :)

Micah Cain said...

It was!! I wish they had more places around like this :)