Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello Friday!

This week has just been too long. Probably because I'm excited for tomorrow's surprise & it's taking forever on purpose. (you know how that is)

Yesterday, we did have a good lovers day!

My two little valentines sent me beautiful flowers & hubby got me said surprise and a mushy gushy card :) we aren't the type to go all out on this Hallmark holiday, but we do a little somethin somethin. Owen got a balloon and has been attached to it ever since.

We did have a little scare this week. Owen and the hot glue gun got in a fight..the glue gun won. Okay it wasn't the actual gun it was the hot glue that runs out of it when you aren't using it.
It burned two of his fingers and they are blisters right now, hence the gauze. We don't want those suckers poppin'
He is in good spirits though! He thinks his boo boo is cool (typical boy?!)
And he is definitely milkin it, since he can't do anything without his left hand! such a funny little guy.

Moving right along..
Jake is almost sleeping through the night! Yes you read that right. Our big 6 month old is only waking up once. I'll take full credit for this! I changed up his routine & wah lah we now have a sleeping baby!! Apparently Jake thinks bottles are for the birds and is moving on to better things. We just stuff him like a turkey four times a day.

Some other cuteness overload from the week:

I leave you with this...
Jake gives the best valentines.


Vanessa Miller said...

OMG I was all like...awww what a sweet text exchange...and then BAM! Poop picture! Too funny!

Micah Cain said...

it's funny now but then not so much

ShaunaQ said...

Cute kids!

And poop! We're potty training so I'm familiar, unfortunately.

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