Friday, January 25, 2013

sad day in the Cain house

Last night Brittney & Mo came over to get Abbi.

she's pretty cute!
Owen's allergies have been getting pretty bad. The whole runny nose, sneezing 24/7, rash on his face and diarrhea type bad. We tried having his room a dog-free zone, but her hair and dander would still be in there from playing with her all day. This was really our only option, unless we kept her & Owen would get wore and worse. I know as his parents we did the right thing, but I still feel crummy inside.

After making our decision, I had been trying to prepare Owen to tell her bye. They are best buds.

It really took everything in me not to burst out crying, watching Owen start to cry when they took Abbi out to their car. The little pouty lip came out & my heart instantly hurt.

It's definitely going to take us awhile to get use to her not being here.

We are lucky though. We get to see her occasionally & Brittney has known Abbi ever since we got her almost 4 years ago!

haha love you Britt!!

Aren't they cute? So I'm not worried about her at all. She's in great boobs hands!!
I just hope our little guy can adjust well. Crossing our fingers his allergies improve.

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amber.m said...

Oh my gosh, that's so sad! :(

Micah Cain said...

It is :( I've cried everyday now!

Theresa said...

Awww, that is too sad. We had our fawn colored pug for 8 years before he passed away. We still have a black one who is on her last leg, but hanging in there. I just love Pugs. They are the friendliest dogs ever. I am happy you will still get to see yours though!

Stopping in to say hi from the hop. Happy to be your newest follower :)

Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

mail4rosey said...

It's really nice that you know your pug's gone to a nice home (and that you get to visit!).

I'm sorry she had to leave though. :(