Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If I were a boy...

(I know you just started singing Beyonce's song! no worries I did too.)

...I'd understand girls can't control pms and periods suck big time!!

...I wouldn't wear skinny jeans & try to sag them at the same time.

...I'd put the toilet seat down 

...I wouldn't care about bathing suit season & flaunt my beer gut

...I would take my girl shopping and not complain

...I'd get my full sleeve tattoo and not care what anyone thinks

...I would get up with 5 minutes to get ready and still manage to leave early!

...I would scratch myself, because as a boy, its perfectly acceptable

...I'd be the best dad & husband

...I'd call my wife beautiful & tell her I love her every day!

hmmm..I guess my hubby fits most of these pretty well :) 
thank god he doesn't wear skinny jeans or we would have some problems!

Thanks Living In Yellow and a girl named gay for the fun link up!!!

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