Thursday, November 1, 2012

first time working out since baby#2

 At my 6 week post baby check up I was cleared to start doing normal activities again...working out is not normal for me. Tonight I started (again) the 30 day shred. Lets just say Jillian Michaels kicked my tush!! I already feel sore in my arms and legs. Tomorrow is not going to be pretty, especially when Derek has to counsel a couple for private practice right after work. Boo for his private practice & independent license stuff, they are stealing my husband time.

On a happier note, we toughed it out in the rain & took Owen trick or treating. He had a really good time and flirted with all the neighbor ladies. He has perfected the art of blowing kisses haha! He even scored mommy & daddy free beer, what a great kid!! Okay okay so it was my parent's neighbor (did i mention we went to my parents to trick or treat?) who has know me for 10+ years who gave us the beer, but if Owen wasn't there we wouldn't of gotten it :) Our little spiderman had so much fun & maybe a little too much sugar, that he was like a walking zombie today. Those moods do make for great snuggling buddies though.
Little Jakey stayed inside with my parents & helped hand out candy. Apparently he was good with the younger ladies. I'm going to have my hands full once they are both in school!
  Hope everyone had a good Halloween. Now the countdown till Christmas Turkey day!! Jillian & I might have to make some kind of deal for Thanksgiving. No way am I not going to pig out on all the yummy food!

They love to snuggle together <3
He was so funny while carving punkins
Jake's pumpkin I carved
Spider-man!! The spider on his chest lights up too!
Reading to his fur sister


Jacqueline said...

Aww, I love getting to know bloggers in Cbus! I totally know what you mean by your heart being in the country. I live and work in the city, but there's nothing like going home to that fresh country air, beers around a bonfire, and the quiet. Best. Thing. Ever.

Your blog is so cute! And so are your boys!!

Oh! And keep an eye out on our FB page {Amy Clark Studios} we will be hosting some Christmas mini sessions next week! We have so many cute set ups in store!

Katie Did What said...

You have the cutest little family!!! And oh that Jillian. I love her, but I hate her. haha but mostly love her, because she is GOOD!!

Happy Friday!


Micah Cain said...

You can say that again! My in-laws own a dairy farm about two hours away, it's my favorite place to be :)
I'll have to check out your FB page! We just got our Christmas ones done, but we need to start thinking of Easter ones for our boys.

Micah Cain said...

Aww thank you :) they are somethin else, always keepin me on my toes!
Blah about to do day 2 in a few mins with her. We def. have a love hate relationship!!