Monday, November 12, 2012

Bang This!

Saturday night had to of been one of the most relaxing & fun adult nights we've had in a long time! We went down to the Arena District with this cute couple.

Alicia & Brian

I've known Alicia for..*counting*..going on 11 years! Everyone use to think we were twins, we would pull it off to a few people :)


Any who, we went to the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar. Now don't be so fast to judge the name, it was amazing!
"That may have to be our new adult hang out" quoting the hubby.

Although I had a great time, I was a little sad when Owen was shoving us out the door to leave already. Clearly grandma & grandpa are wayyy more fun than us! They wore both of them out & it definitely showed. It was a lazy Sunday for us. Both boys fell asleep for the night at 4:00!!! Owen slept 16 hours straight & Jake woke up twice to eat with his eyes still closed haha!
So needless to say, although I know my parents like to hear/see it, I am VERY thankful for my parents!! Thanks for everything mom and dad & for loving all three of my boys and Miss Abbi :) haha

Today was pretty yucky out, so we headed up to the Polaris Mall and let Owen have a fun time in the kiddie place. We were there for a good hour before we had to pry him off the toy zebra! 

Time to snuggle with my Mr.<3

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