Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday night with Dora

This whole being a SAHM is really taking a toll on me. Especially now that Derek has more "consumers" for his private practice. I feel like the boys and I hardly see him, but I know he's doing it to better our lives in the future. Tonight he's out with the guys playing ping pong...I'm at home stuck watching Dora & taking care of a very grumpy teething baby.
BUT tomorrow, tomorrow is my day!!
Getting these bushy eyebrows done & going on a date with my husband and a couple friends! We are going to some Big Bang piano bar in the Arena District, it should be a good time!!

Crossing my fingers Owen would rather play than watch anymore Dora.


Ashley said...

I understand that being SAHM is hard. My husband works long hours and it is hard to deal with my son without him around. When he does get home, I feel so lucky because he's very hand-on with our boy, and gives me support whenever I need it. I'm looking forward to having him home more often after his last football game today. :)

Micah Cain said...

yes I agree, it is so much better when they are home! It is all worth it though :)