Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who ever made up the whole "babies are so hard to take care of sleep when they sleep, blah blah blah" flat out lied. Toddlers are hard to take care of. My two year old has me beyond worn out!! I even let him play outside in the rain because he had way too much energy. I love my boys to death, but sheesh give your momma a break!

I really blame the weekends for making me so tired. I feel like we try to cram so many things in, that we just overload. Last weekend, we had two parties on Saturday. Owen had a ball at both of them :) he loves playing with the "big boys" I wish I would of taken pictures, something I always think of after. The only picture I took was of my hubby at the carwash. He's so handsome.

Oh I do have to share this with you...we are in the process of potty training Owen. He is such a funny little guy.
Apparently I'm not allowed to be in the bathroom while he's sitting on the potty. Where does he learn this stuff?! Just cracks me up!

"Bye mom"
"for real get out"

I did get a little crafty this weekend. Our first party was a housewarming party, so I made up a little fall wine basket :) the picture doesn't do it's justice. Trust me, it was cute.

 Today I wanted to take the boys out shopping...okay they didn't want to go, but I did!
We stayed home, I am shopping online. win win :)
 We were playing nice with Lego's until Owen decided to bust his lip open.
How did he do it, I don't have a clue?! One minute he's up, the next he's down crying.
I gave him a nice long bath though & it seemed to make him feel all better. yay for water!!

Putting the munchkins down for their nap. Aren't they the cutest?

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