Monday, October 1, 2012

What a busy weekend!
Friday was not the best marked two years since my papaw passed & my childhood dog was put down. The only good thing on friday was being able to head back to the farm for the weekend.

Saturday we went to the pumpkin festival! Its really small, but my favorite :) Owen had such a good time. He got his face painted, sat on one of the huge pumpkins & got stuffed with fair food!! We stayed for the parade & he got way too much candy. He had little girls giving him their candy. Haha!

he chose a football

Owen & Pappy with the 2nd place pumpkin


Jake enjoyed himself too!
Sunday, Devin & Katie came over and made everyone waffles for breakfast. Then it was back to the pumpkin festival for a few hours with Derek's mom & my parents.
It was such a long weekend, Derek & I were so exhausted. It didn't help that Jake decided to wake up literally every two hours last night. It really was the worst. Derek even stayed home today just to catch up on some sleep...of course that doesn't happen with a two year old running around.

Tired mommy!!
I spent my last bit of energy tonight by updating my resume & applying for some state jobs. Hopefully one of them will get a hold of my soon! It will be kind of bitter sweet to have a job again.
Time to start looking at daycare for the boys...but that can wait for tomorrow :)

Cute little tushy!

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True Life: Jasmine said...

Justin had the same pumpkin pants. He wore it to his first pumpkin show with me. :)