Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yesterday I took both boys out by myself for the first time! We went to Michael's to find some fall & halloween decorations. Let's just say it took longer to get both of them out of the car & into the stroller than it did being in the store! I never realized how tiring it would be buckling and unbuckling kids. Luckily they were both so good and didn't give mommy any trouble :) I rewarded them with a new halloween book that Owen picked out. Later that night they snuggled up with their favorite reader (daddy) and read it before bed time.

Today, Jake had his audiology testing. Long story short, Derek & I are fed up with ear doctors telling us our kids cant hear! With Owen we went back 4 times before we said screw it, we know he can hear, stop taking our money for worthless trips to the doctor. With Jake this was his 3rd time & he passed with flying colors, thank goodness!! I couldn't resist taking a picture of him. His belly was full (milk running down his chin) and he was passed out, which makes testing a lot easier..even though it took two hours.

Poor Owen & daddy had to occupy themselves at Children's Hospital the whole two hours Jake & I were in the hearing test. So when we got home, I made them chocolate chip cookies! Owen could hardly wait to have one. He's such a goof.

licking the spoon & watching his cookies bake

Both kids are bathed & in bed. I have a post baby doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, thankfully my mom is coming over to help with the boys. Thanks mom!! :)


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