Saturday, September 15, 2012

What a weekend it has been already!
Yesterday I got some much needed "girl time" with my friend Alicia.
As much as I always complain about people thinking I'm 16 years old, I finally got the opposite! Alicia got into the football game as a student, so I figured I could too.
Ticket lady: "Are you a student?!"
Me: "well yeah!"
Technically I didn't lie...I am a student, just not a high school student :)

Today Derek & I went and got our massages that Alicia got for us! (she really is way too nice to us!) It felt beyond amazing. I had a guy named Eric who seemed a bit nervous? He kept stumbling over his words and making awkward moments. Maybe next time I'll get a girl! haha. Derek had Sherry and I quote "she beat me up good & I liked it!" I think he will be returning very soon!

Owen & Jake got to spend some time with grandma & grandpa today. Our little fishy (Owen) went swimming in the hot tub and is learning to hold his breath under water! I'm so proud of him. Jake kept laughing & smiling at grandpa..I think he's going to be a pappy's boy just like his big brother!

While the boys were at their grandparents, we also went down to the north market with Brittney & Mo to their beer festival. You paid $20 a person for a glass with 10 tickets & a food voucher in it. So we got to try around 10 different beers, get food & a glass for twenty bucks! That was one of the best times, I couldn't stop laughing :) If you are around the Columbus area tomorrow you should definitely go.

Whoa it's way past my bed time & I'm on feeding duty tonight for Jake. Good night!

Owen decorated our storm door today, he was so proud!

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