Monday, March 17, 2014

st. patrick's day

I had this whole st Patrick's day idea planned out for the babies this morning, but Derek and I both fell asleep right after Owen's bed time. I switched into ninja mode this morning & snuck all their goodies in the kitchen before they could see. 
green milk & green pancakes have been a hit for the past three st patrick's days. 

Owen and I were waiting for Jake to wake up from his nap, to go get shamrock shakes, when Derek walked in. He hasn't been feeling good all day. 
he is tucked in bed snoozin & probably will be for the rest of the day.
which he deserves, he's had quite a poopy (literally) weekend. 
we rent out our other house & the renter called saying there was a back up. Long story short..after 10-ish hours, different tools & having the water department come out, they finally got everything cleared out! I really wish I would of taken a picture of Derek. He was covered head to toe in...well you know.

*Thank you aunt Sheryl & uncle Scott and Evan & Bethany for watching and entertaining our munchkins:) greatly appreciated!!!*

time to check on the hubs, get the babies ready to go get a few green milkshakes & come home to watch the Luck of the Irish on the Disney channel ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day 

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