Thursday, December 5, 2013

I did it

I finally had the guts to put up our Christmas tree and Jake has yet to pull it over!

it will look nothing like that come Christmas morning. a few less ornaments & my ribbons will be pulled know, the usual little boy shenanigans.

Monday, my sister in-law asked if the boys could be in their Christmas pictures,  so we got ready & headed over. Katie's cousin, Dawn, does such a great job! I mean the elf hats, I died. 
they all were eating in between pictures :) 

and then Dawn had this idea
and my heart melted<3 he was loving it. 

then she did this one...
and it double melted!!
both boys didn't want to leave unkie tractor & aunt KT's could be the amount of cookies they gave them orrrr they really do love you guys ;) 

I suppose I better get to work on our Christmas cards & wrapping presents

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