Saturday, November 30, 2013

I've been waddling

for probably the past two days!
My parents, baby cousin, and our foreign exchange students made wayy too much food!! 
the two foreign exchange students, Sarah and Harry, go to OSU and are from China. They were so fun to have & made the best chinese dumplings I've ever tasted!! 
definitely one of the coolest thanksgivings I've ever had :) 

Friday morning Derek & I headed out pretty early to hopefully get our boys a dune buggy. we scored the very last one!! I was pretty proud. I also found Owen new cowboy boots. and everyone knows he lives in his..he's currently asleep with them on. nothing out of the ordinary ;) 
we met up with some friends for lunch after shopping & to catch up. I needed that, I miss my weekly Alicia time!! 
Friday night we headed to the lights parade to freeze our bums off with my parents neighbors. I was kind of disappointed with the parade but whatcha gunna do?!  spending an hour in the hottub definitely made up for it ;) 

today my mama, Owen & I went to a Christmas craft show. He picked out a buckeye cupcake to bring back to daddy.

We had such a good time visiting, we are all exhausted! passing out with my pup and stud muffin :)

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