Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I've got great news!!!

while at the fair today I get a phone call from our mortgage bank lady saying we are clear to close on the new house this Friday!!! 
only we chose to close on Monday.
just because Derek couldn't request off work early Friday 
& because we will be leaving as soon as he gets home for a special little man's birthday surprise :)
needless to say, we are a tiny bit excited!!

what else has been going on you ask?
•potty training sucks but it's definitely time
•jake is 100% mommy's boy and won't let anyone hold him but me
•Derek took the boys & I shopping last weekend and picked me out this beauty
I'm still in complete shock..he doesn't like spending money on my bag obsession. 
Thanks again x10 boo thang!!
•the boys and I spent half a week in Columbus & I got to see some old friends

•I've come to the conclusion that I WILL be a motocross mom once my little bean is big enough :)

• I'm also going to be a hockey mom. Jake is a future Penguins player
•I got a much needed pedicure with my sister! I'm ready for another when you are ;) 
•speaking of her, my little niece or nephew will be here in a month people!!
to say I'm excited to be an aunt is an understatement 
• I went to my first paint & sip last Friday. Yes, you really paint and sip on some booze at the same time. It's worth it!

•on Saturday we went to a little fair for all the gas & oil people with my father in-law. you should of seen this magic guy...better yet, just have my father in-law show you what he does :) it's hilarious!!

• I am currently sitting upstairs in the boys room packing for this weekend...so my husband thinks
•Derek disregard that last statement :) 
•grocery shopping with two under three years old just plain old sucks
•the boys had a lot of fun on the tractors at the fair today 

•I almost bought a bunny today 
• anddd I've been missing my best friend!

adiós amigos 

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