Wednesday, September 25, 2013

guess what day it is!

well we got the call last night that we can finally move in to our house on October 4th! 
you all probably think we move a lot.
we do. its the cool new thing.
okay totally kidding, it's really a pain in the arse.
since we moved really short notice, we temporary moved into our old house that we still own in barnesville. 
just until we found a bigger house. 
now we can rent this puppy back out or sell it, whatever floats my hubby's boat.

I'm excited to move but I'm even more excited for this weekend!
it's the barnesville pumpkin festival andddd my best friend will be here!! what more could I ask for, besides fried oreos :) 

smell yah later!
or happy hump day I suppose

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