Thursday, August 8, 2013

new house, cows & ice cream

I'm really not keeping up with this as much as I had hoped. It's coming up on a year since I've started this & I'm excited I've kept it that long! 
Soon I will get back into the swing of it, I pinky promise!! 
And by soon I mean late September after we move for the bajillionth time :)

I'm most excited for my big front porch!!
And the fact that we are just a little dirt road away from the farm, where our boys would be 24/7 if we let them :) 

This month we have been busy playing & trying to maneuver around boxes that I refuse to unpack!!

 Oh and learning how to brush our big boy teeth!

And getting ice cream!

with Charlie too :)

how the majority of our pictures's a tough job getting good ones!

Happy Friday y'all 

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