Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm pooped.

its been quite an eventful and long week-ish.
our house went up for sale last Wednesday night.
we've had at least 5 showings since then & 2 offers.
tonight Derek signed & we will be closing on our house at the end of july!

Derek is more excited than a kid on Christmas...its a little more bitter sweet for me.
I'm excited to be by my brother & sister in-laws and parent in-laws (is that even a word?) and all of our extended families. I'm beyond excited to know I'll be there when my niece or nephew is born! I'm happy that my husband won't be home sick anymore. I love that Owen will love being on the farm & hopefully Jake will be the same!
But the other side of me is torn because I'm leaving my parents and my best friends. No more weekly outings with my mom or visiting every sunday. No more girls days with my Brittney or staying in with us on weekend nights to play with our boys and ordering take out. And even though Alicia moved to Kentucky, no more weekly outings with her either. You guys kept me sane while being a stay at home mom! I know its just 2 hours but that is still too far away.

Lots of things will be happening in the next 25 days, so im not sure how much i'll be updating this.
Wish us luck this move goes smoothly!


Ashley said...

Good luck! :)

Changes can be hard, and it is worth it.

raisealittlecain said...

Thank you!!!!

& I finally made the switch to cloth diapers!
I love it :) hope you & little Forrest are doing well!