Monday, May 13, 2013

We are sending my parents off...

to the Barn Inn for their 30th anniversary! 
I know, I know....
we are pretty kick ass kids ;) 
oh and my gram cracker helped think of it too. therefore she is the!
Hi gram cracker👋

Owen handed my parents this on Sunday
we made a barn card and wrote all of their details inside :) 
we like to get crafty up in the Cain house! 

Speaking of Sunday, my boys treated me to lunch and made me a couple things in the workshop!
This is the coolest thing! It's a round box thing-a-ma-jig and I love it❤

I've got me some talented farmers :)

Currently we've been busy taking care of our sick little boys. Jake has been puking the past few days & Owen is just coughing and lethargic. He slept most of the day today in Derek and I's bed. 

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