Sunday, May 5, 2013

time for a beer!

The little boys, my mom & I headed to the zoo on Thursday. It was the perfect day to go, still a little crowded, but good.
I think I'm 99% sure Owen's favorite part was the train ride. 
I could be wrong though :)
Jake had a pretty good time too.

Friday I was all like...

but then realized that my hot co-worker had private practice all weekend.
he did make it up to me & we spent our Saturday night, kid free, eating take out & painting the man cave.
the life of being parents.
(yes most of those sentences don't start with a capital letter, I like it that way)
Now we just have one more wall to finish painting & to mount our brand spanking new TV.
and set up our new coffee table
rewind a bit back to Friday. big man got a hair cut and now looks extra cool.
he's really playing the part too...
lets just say him & timeout have gotten real close this weekend.

Today my brother in-law and second cousin in-law (yeah figure it out) met up at our house before they left on their big fishing trip.
They are just plain ol' hilarious and 10x worse together!
that's enough to make your cheeks hurt for dayssss
 I love the family I married into.

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