Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Now what do I do on monday nights?

Of course you know the bachelor is over now.
Catherine won, I knew that awhile ago...yes I looked at the spoilers.
I couldn't help myself!

Anyways I am definitely excited for Desiree to be the next bachelorette!!
You will find my butt parked on my couch with ABC on May 20th.

Now that I have a couple of months to wait, I was worried I wouldn't have any shows to watch.
I'm not a huge TV person, so when I find a show I like that's pretty much all I watch. Not to worry though because Sean is now on Dancing with the Stars! Monday nights will be good again :)

Sick news update:
we are all doing way better!
Jake went to the doctor on Saturday to see if he had pneumonia. Thank goodness he didn't!! She said it was just a nasty virus & let it take its course. It's been a week now since we've been sick & all that's left is an annoying cough during the night.

By Sunday we all had some bad cabin fever!! It was so nice out we spent the afternoon at the park & getting ice cream. I could get use to this t-shirt weather!

Monday we spent the day lounging & making Easter crafts.
The boys also play in the box Jake's new car seat came in. Apparently its hilarious shutting your brother in the box. They were both laughing so hard!

And one more for the road...

Charlie standing on Owen's potty seat to help daddy wash the boys!


ShaunaQ said...

I'm a huge TV person, too, so if you ever need any suggestions about what to watch, I've got plenty!

I just finished up my blog for the Bachelor and I knew it was Catherine, too. But part of me always wonders - But what if the spoilers were wrong?!

Glad everyone is well in your household!


Micah Cain said...

I'm always up for tv show suggestions :)

I've wondered if the spoilers are wrong too! I can't wait to see Desiree's season..I'm going to try no spoilers this time haha