Friday, January 4, 2013

Random Facts Friday

• I like to have lunch dates with my husband every couple of months.
• we just booked a mini getaway with the boys to Great Wolf Lodge.
• Jake acts different when Derek isn't around
• Owen owns 14 pair of shoes (he's obsessed!)
• I'm going to my friends baby shower this weekend
• it's nap time & both boys are asleep! :)
• I can't wait to see my BFF Brittney this weekend!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes on the NAP TIME! haha

I'm hosting a fun friday blog hop and would love for you to join and link up your blog. Thank you :)

Anne {The Pink Momma}

amber.m said...

14 pairs of shoes?! Like, seriously??

Micah Cain said...

Thanks ill definitely check it out!! :)

Micah Cain said...

Haha I wish I was joking!!
It's nuts

Hailey said...

i was just talking about the great wolf lodge yesterday! and that note is hilarious! so true!