Wednesday, December 5, 2012

not as easy as it looks...

The boys and I were trying to kill some time on our long wednesday (hubby works till real late!) at Target & then it hit me! I should grab everything to make these.

I saw this great, little pretzel, chocolatey goodness on pinterest and it seems easy. Am I right?
please don't look at this and think "seriously, Micah, how hard could that be?!"

It started out good.

51 unwrapped Hershey kisses & a little too long in the oven gives you this...

 yes in the trash. I was so mad. Mainly because it takes awhile to unwrap all those kisses! They were hard as rock & a little burnt on the tip. But, hubby being the super nice guy he is, said he's stop at the store on his way home tonight & buy me more kisses :) This time I will watch them like a hawk!

I also treated myself to this little guy
My nails are about to look like Barbie's & I'm okay with that :)


amber.m said...

Ha ha ha!! Oh my gosh, I hate when I try things and they don't turn out right!
And that is a pretty color!!

Micah Cain said...

I hate it too!! Hopefully attempt number 2 will turn out better :)