Monday, November 5, 2012

Busted lip + turkeys

Today I had some pretty cute craft ideas (thanks to Pinterest) to do with Owen. We made a tree traced out of his hand & arm. Then we glued pieces of fall colored paper all around it! This was his first time using regular glue and not a glue stick. Of course we had to use lots of it!
Then we made a turkey with feathers and on each feather he or I wrote what he was thankful for :)
daddy, mommy, grandparents, doggy & brother.

You're probably wondering about the busted lip part. Right?
Owen & I were "hiding" from daddy under a blankie. He got a little too excited and head butted me in the jaw which made my teeth hit my lip & bada bing I got a busted,bleeding lip. Moral of the story, don't hide under blankets with overly excited toddlers.

Our friends own a plumbing business, needless to say, Jakey was hired right on the spot!! haha

Time to snuggle in bed with HP & my hubby :)

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